life in a laitmylk world

Laitmylk is a global platform dedicated to creativity from the finest of arts to the freakiest of fashions; culture, wellness, and lifestyle.

Created by Darcy Bucci in 2017, the name and vision has evolved and matured. It has become the go to online platform for culture vultures seeking topics on art, fashion and beyond, with the occasional intertwining of mental health and human rights topics also.

Welcome to a world of engaging visuals with our infographics and art, talks and podcasts on numerous topics, zealous and passionate research and more.





more about the founder

Hailing from London and with strong Armenian roots, Darcy Bucci is a leading influencer, creative director, artist and activist. 


Having established a successful e-commerce and digital publishing platform by the age of 20, Darcy has gone on to collaborate with brands as a creative director, social media and brand consultant, general designer and digital strategist to name just a few avenues she delves into in a days work!

Bucci now runs LAITMYLK as a mothership for her artwork, infographics, brand collaborations, journalism, music and magazine publishing.

"I want to make a difference. To give a voice to those who aren't loud enough to speak up for themselves. To inspire and make other people happy. That is my ambition. That is my goal. That is what I want."

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