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Laitmylk is a global platform dedicated to fashion, lifestyle, beauty, culture and beyond.

Created by Darcy Bucci in 2017, the name and vision has evolved and matured, creating space for interpretation with its wide diversity of visuals, expressive sense of flow, zealous and passionate research and organic blend of love for all things related to freedom.

So, come comely and immerse yourself in our cordon bleu articles, discover unique artwork for sale in our exclusive Art Store, and inhale the fresh island paradise that laitmylk eternally embodies.

more about the founder

Hailing from London and with strong Armenian roots, Darcy Bucci is a leading digital influencer, creative director and journalist. 


Having established a successful e-commerce and digital publishing platform by the age of 20, Darcy has gone on to collaborate with brands as a creative director, social media consultant, brand consultant, general designer and digital strategist. 

Alternative passions of Darcy's beyond fashion, style and beauty includes fitness and nutrition, cultural studies, philosophy, psychology and the future of medical practices. 

With multiple industries already touched, Darcy aims to continue to discover new personal talents, and holds no boundaries in respects to her creative and career based ambitions.  


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