Laitmylk is more than just a creative platform for articles. We regularly collaborate with brands and companies in the fields of design, advertising and digital direction to enhance their presence and power in the eyes of the world. Discover our past, present and future projects here - all directed, conceptualised and created by our founder Darcy Bucci Chola Keverian.

"The overall objective with this project was to illustrate to the general public that #EqualityCan do amazing things for society. It can wither and diminish hate. It can bring creative individuals to the forefront of industries where they were previously shunned to one side. Equality can help raise awareness of economical and political issues, equality can regulate social standards and aid people in becoming more of a wholesome community as opposed to a segregated one. The concept of the project, created by yours truly, was to demonstrate that we may look all look different from the outside, but inside, we are the same. This is the #EqualityCan project." - Darcy Behati Keverian


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