11 Kitchen Utensils You Didn't Think You Needed...

(...but totally do!)

Correct me if I am wrong, but during lockdown, we have ALL experimented in the kitchen to some measurable degree. Whether you've gone from pot noodle to renaissence pasta princess, or baked beans on toast to butterbean and celeriac purée...

...many of us are now channelling our inner Ramsey's by cursing at the stove or giving a chicken a very sensual afterlife Nigella style with a lot of stuffing and massaging.

Naturally, the next step to your culinary empire (all be it in the comfort of your own home and for your fine self, immediate family and bubble-proofed friends), is getting some utensils and tools to make your cooking better, and your life easy breezy.

Behold the latest edit by LAITMYLK, with thanks to John Lewis & Partners: 11 Kitchen Tools You Didn't THINK You Needed 💭