A Cardigan of Creativity: Kate Jenkins

As cataclysmic as lockdown has been since the dawn of its time, I do thank it more than hate it. I've finally come to that conclusion. Sure, it totally baffled our perception of time and a standardised working day. Yes, it obliterated socialising normality, and agreed, it totally screwed up our shop til you drop agendas... but long term I truly believe it has made us more grateful, enhanced our perception of the self, engrained a deeper sense of consciousness and broadened (or reawakened) our interests.

Crafting, I believe, is a huge interest many of us either adopted or unravelled from our childlike memory box, and no other crafter seems to be harnessing the skill better than...

Known by her profound following on instagram as @kjcardigan, Kate's stunning knitted works intertwine cute characters with sparkly sensations. Sequinned to high heavens, animals and food inspired curations from across the globe and made by her fair hand, presenting us with items that - though aren't "essential", bring a smile to the face and a glimmer to the heart with their simplistic and delicate presence.

My personal favourites of her work are below...

She's inspiring us all with her quaint collections of knitted characters to think outside of the box and craft our way to happiness. And you can buy all of them here at her online store. Not easy in times as uncertain as these, but something we can all do. Whether masterfully or not.

To get you started on your knitting journey, let LAITMYLK lead you in style to some haberdashery hot spots and products so you can create something beautiful too - whether for yourself or a loved one. Don't be shy, there's no wrong or right with art anywho!


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