A Polka Pin Up Petal

I love pin up. 50s fashion. The kind of style you’d expect to see in some classic, Marilyn Monroe film where she’s newly out of the shower, bouncing and bubbling in her usual blonde and alluringly charming self. That alongside Audrey Hepburn. The two style icons I admire and will always make a beeline towards when styling my outfits day to day.

This dress I am wearing is from Net A Porter. I wanted something dusty pink with a hint of housewife - because let’s face it, if you know me personally, you’ll know that I love nothing more than to keep things tidy, to make things beautiful and to bring joy into others lives. Usually by means of food, but that’s a whole other story.

Teaming this understated and simplistic ‘yummy mummy’ dress with a silken treasure from Hermés scarves in a vivid crimson, matching ruby slippers from Stradivarius and a pleated flowing peach overall by COS (H&M’s sibling company), the look was magically complete for this perfectly sunshine trickled day in London.

What makes em happier still is when others notice my outfits… not to brag, but three times today, strangers came to me to tell me how ‘beautiful’, ‘radiant’ and ‘glamorous’ I looked… I was genuinely touched. It’s not my mission to make others stop. Believe me - I dress for me. I don’t put on my red lipstick from Alejandro. I don’t put on my heels for Fernando. I don’t put on my earrings and my handbags to make Roberto - I put them on for me, myself and I. And yes, if you were paying attention, those were name drop references to ALEJANDRO lyrics by Lady Gaga, Fame Monster circa era.

What I ask you all to do tomorrow, and for the next coming week, is to look into your wardrobes, look into your mirror and think “what do I WANT to wear today?”… Who do I WANT TO BE today? What character, what persona, what embodiment and emotion do I want to shower upon the world? Because darling, this is your life. And ain’t nobody gonna take that away from you.


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