A Touch of Colour

Within a room, a mood can be set and the tone shifted by a single colour. The warmth of a burning molten amber, or the cool tranquility of an aero cobalt blue. Much like an artist facing a blank canvas with a wooden palette and paintbrush in hand, it is their chosen scheme of hues and dews that will create either connection, or disjunction.

LAITMYLK works to inspire you to weave creativity into your home, whether that space be the size of a shoebox or a multitude of rooms winding from one wonderland to the next.

In this post, we partner with Farrow and Ball to bring you select colour schemes, as well as featured interior designer contributors to give you visual inspiration on ways to play with colour in seemingly simple and bland spaces.

Enrapture your senses, let your inner rainbow emerge, and let's find the pot of gold that you can skip home with to sprinkle upon the furnishings unto which you slump in comfort.


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