A Very Armenian Easter

Easter is much like Christmas in a way... and in a relatively sombre way at that. In the name of chocolate and cute yellow chicks, we forget the true religious meanings building the foundation to this poignant holiday that so many celebrate wholesomely and wholeheartedly... but does that stop us splurging on expensive edible gifts? Not even remotely.

I'm not here to be a religious nut, fret not, I'm not going to start preaching my hail Mary's. But in spite of the seasons aesthetic splendour, I do encourage you to take a quiet moment here and there to recognise what Easter means to so many.

As an Armenian woman, I feel the connection. Armenia is the oldest Christian country in the world, having declared itself a Christian country in 301 AD.

The Easter holiday begins at 17:00 on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. People flock to churches and cathedrals, enterprising men peddle candles and flowers at entrances to church grounds, and groups of giggling children walk throughout the city handing out small Easter cards of their own creation to random passers by. As the sun falls, the city lights up not only with street lights, but also the candle lights of people trickling out from the churches, on their way to the homes of others for more celebrations.

It's a joyous season... arguably bigger than Christmas. And honestly?... I prefer Easter. There is something about the pastel hues, the delicate trickle of sunlight through the sky; the earlier tweets of birds through my window in the morning dew and the gentle blooms coming into view across parks and ponds that makes me feel... fresh. Alive. Hopeful.

...To give you an insight into Armenian Easter celebrations, LAITMYLK is opening the alter to all. Have a read and look below to become inspired on how you can incorporate a bit of Armenia into your Easter this year 🇦🇲

So there you have it! And inside into the foodlicious wonders of Armenia at Easter 🐣 🇦🇲 I will be doing a follow up post on Easter egg decorating closer to the time, so stay tuned!

Love and light,

Darcy Bucci x