A Wiltshire Wonderland

Even as a minimalist, I crave and desire pops and bursts of colour throughout my home. A splash of cerulean blue, or a gold accent; a kiss of pink in a glass vase or a touch of enchanted eden bringing the great outdoors inside for a fleeting moment in time. It's the little details that truly matter when creating a home.

And no better interior princess - no - q u e e n seems to be privvy to this factoid than the instagram account Wiltshire Wonderland, managed and curated by Charlotte.

When you dip into Charlotte's feed, you are welcomed with jasmine shimmers and ballerina pinks, woven with spells of quintessential blues, dove slate and ochre. Patterns permeate the walls and floors, neither totally geomatric or floral, creating a perfect balance for both straight edged and whimsies alike.

One of the most attractive posts Charlotte has yet gifted unto the social media world is her extremely desireable pink fridge: which she tutorials here on exactly how SHE painted it pink herself!

The woman is a testament to nurturing your space and putting you personal stamp on things, whilst inspiring us all to do the same. Her aesthetic is not pinnable to one specific style, but merges various worlds; always giving us something to be excited about. I'd call her a retro, mumsy, flower power contempo with a dash of Barbie's dreamhouse - wouldn't you?

Inspired by Charlotte's Wiltshire Wonderland, LAITMYLK have crafted a short edit for you in collaboration with OLIVE BONAS to shop below, with colourful niknaks, statement home pieces and delicate finishes in mind.


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