Acne Scars Begone! The Essential Ingredients for Clear Skin

Humans have an insatiable desire to touch things they shouldn't- have you noticed? We will tpuch sculptures in galleries that aint meant to be touched, we'll touch wet paint even though it says wet paint, and worst of all... We will pick spots we know arent ready.

Russian roulette in the bathroom as to whether that little planet on your face will implode nice n cleanly like the death of a star... or leave debris thrlughout the galaxy of your face and ultimately leave an unforgiving afternath in the form of discolouration and scarring. Sigh.

Some acne scars seem to last forever. The pigment is really clinging on for dear life, almost as upsetting as the ghost of the pimple’s past than the actual offender itself. In order to fade acne scars, we have to be mindful about what products we are using. There are some top-notch ingredients to keep an eye out for when it comes to diminishing the look and feel of acne scars, so we compiled some products that are up for the task.


Like a chill pill for your face, CBD helps to diminish redness and inflammation, along with fine lines. The Hora X Poosh hyaluronic acid serum is also ultra-hydrating, helping to plump up the skin to give a glowy appearance to otherwise discolored areas. 


Exfoliation is key—but the magic is in the balance. Use a mild AHA toner (lactic and mandelic acid) daily, or a salicylic spot treatment to help speed turnover, healing, and fading, or opt for a more intensive exfoliating treatment like a peel pad or mask once a week. Over-exfoliation will cause more redness and inflammation (and break down our skin’s natural protective barrier), so don’t overdo it.


This powerful ingredient is excellent for both scarring and sun damage, and ultimately any discoloration and hyperpigmentation. It does this by inhibiting the enzymes that produce pigment. It

s also very anti-inflammatory, meaning it can successfully improve the texture of the skin without irritating it like an acid (AHAs), so it can be used every day.


Vitamin C is the antioxidant equivalent to a magic wand when it comes to glow factor and skin clarity. It helps to diminish scarring and dark spots by promoting collagen synthesis, regenerating our cells’ integrity, and reducing oxidative stress, to give us an all-over even balance.


Naturally antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic, this golden ingredient can help tame redness and speed up the healing process. Mix powder with a little honey for a soothing, powerful mask, or try a spot treatment, like this easy stick.


Retinoids are known for stimulating cell turnover at a rapid pace, meaning discoloration won’t have much to cling to after regular use. It’s a double whammy with fine lines and wrinkles, and preventing breakouts before they even begin—the only catch is that it takes some time for our skin to get used to it.


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