Addicted to Addiction

ADDICTION one could say, is the perfect storm. It’s a disease that doesn’t look like a disease at all, and is culturally and politically divisive, meaning it taps into society’s deepest prejudices, stigmas, superstitions, and attacks core values we all know and are taught from our youth. It’s a chronic disease, with a severely high rate of relapse. Self deception is it’s dominant clinical feature, and the symptoms are broad, and often simply confusions with wilful badness… and yet, we as a global community, taboo and shame those with the condition. Whether it’s an addiction of food, drink or drugs, those who suffer mild to extreme addictions are outlawed by society, are put in a box and put on the shelf. We think that whatever substance a person is relying on and itching for is ‘all a chocie’. It’s ‘all in your hands’. It’s ‘all in your control’… but what if I told you that it isn’t? That it’s far more than that. That addiction is neurological, neurobiological and neurochemical?… it’s time to wake up, listen and learn.

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