Alexia Hentsch - A Spotlight

Updated: May 7, 2019

Eccentricity - it is hardly lacking within the fashion cosmos, but similarly, something we can always do with an extra dose of. One’s wardrobe, after all, should be a paint box of classics accompanied by elements of quirkiness that spark curiosity. And no fresher designer provides ‘the flavour of funky’ more so than half Brazilian, half Swiss graphic designer turned fashion prodigy Alexia Hentsch.

Now based in London, Alexia has a number of medals to boast from her brassiere in regards to her accomplishments so far - from world-famous telenovelas and the Rio de Janeiro carnival, to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio. More recently, she launched a bodysuit brand, which exhibits an array of pattern, colour and dreamboat designs. And before you run off thinking a bodysuit isn’t for you, just imagine: a seemingly blah outfit of jeans and converse… with a t shirt? Nope: A sheer bodysuit crafted from nude tulle lycra; decorated with velvet cut-out fruits (think oranges, apples, watermelons, pineapples and more). Now there’s an alternative way to get your five-a-day.

So, with two lanes to steamroll down (both costume and wearable day to day fashion), the future is a sparkling flute of champagne that we can all toast to. Discover some of the breathtaking creations of Alexia below (all images from her official website:  below, and take a magic carpet to koibird to start off your Hentsch collection.


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