An Acler Affair

The darkness is seeming to shroud us all at the moment with endless talks and discussions on the dreaded Coronavirus *takes a swig of Corona beer*. Too soon for jokes? Apologies. Perhaps a topic that will brighten the mood is an analysis of the latest SS20 collection by the one and only ACLER.

When co-designers Kathryn Forth and Julia Ritorto first met to conceptualise ACLER, their common goal was to rebel against cookie-cutter digital design and bring the design process back to its fundamentally tactile roots. Each ACLER piece is developed over a process of 12 months, and is subtly redrafted, and redraped along the way, allowing the design to take on its own form naturally.

The end result? A meticulously constructed piece, which has an organic sculptural shape and an ultimately refined minimalism. And maybe that is what this planet needs most right now: to strip complexities right back and focus on the simple, need to know basis of life.

The collection itself is a dizzy delight of summer hues, a palette of Sicilian lemon, succulent peach, atomic orange, whipped melon and papaya with gentle touches of abalone stone and harbour grey.

From pleated dresses pleated to waterfall flowing skirts; ruffled sleeves and twisted waistlines, this seasons by ACLER is an affair of summertime romance. Think tropical nights with piña coladas, crashing beach waves and Latin music in the distance, kisses from the sun as you gently tan under a turquoise blue sky...

That’s what summer is all about.

Feeling, being and living in light.

Never mind the big ol’C for now.

Get to grips with ACLER, and shimmy into the sunlight 🧡

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