Anorexia, Everything You Need to Know

Anorexia Nervosa is a devastating mental illness that has severe physical, emotional and physiological consequences. And yet, it's still perceived by many to be an act of attention seeking and just a want to be 'skinny'. As someone who used to have anorexia, and is thankfully recovered from it's grips, I can assure you that anorexia is the furthest thing from that.

For me, anorexia was a spiral into a haunting version of Alice in Wonderland, where everything seemed wonderful and magical... hallucinogenic at times, but with total control, and fictionality. It was a fairytale as I watched my behaviours and strengths change, my psyche manipulate my previous self into believing the weirdest of the weird routines and habits to be correct... it was all sun and roses before the clouds dawned upon me, and I was out of the eye of the storm.

Torrential rains of health consequences, an endless stream of appointments, in-patienting, hospitals, blood tests, cardiac arrests, skin so pale it was virtually transparent, hair loss, brittle bones and nails... and that's without even touching on the mental, emotional and relationship based consequences. I lost friends. I hurt people with my words, sharper than knives and more venomous than a black mamba snake. My education was interrupted, work was lost... and sadly, I have long term and totally incurable conditions as a result of the damage anorexia reeked upon my body.

This is an account of the physiological, mental and physical signs and effects of anorexia... please educate yourself and share with loved ones to ensure that we, as a community, can rally together and support anyone devastated by this condition and aim to eradicate it from humankind.

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