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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Ever met someone who is just way too confident. Confidence to the point where it’s suppressing like hot air, makes you itch with annoyance and kind of despise the person? We all have. It could be that boss who just won’t let up on the workload and constantly belittles what you produce; never acknowledging your efforts and accomplishments… or that ‘best friend’ who will compliment you one minute, but do a full 180º and bring the spotlight onto them, even if it’s YOUR moment. Green eyes of envy and a serpents tongue of jealous may come attached with this kind of individual as well… and if you challenge them? Prepare to be bitten with a sharp sting. Unlike a venomous snakebite however, there is an antidote and there are ways to understand this kind of person. And it’s called A SUPERIORITY COMPLEX.  Read below to discover this genuine mental ‘illness’, and shake off stigmas; develop coping mechanisms and strategies to approach people in their personality setting. And if you recognise some of the traits quietly within yourself… hey, it’s okay. We’re all human, no one is perfect. But owning your insecurities, taking responsibility for your actions and words, and vowing to work on yourself so that you can engage more with those around you respectively and realistucally… then you’re going to be just fine, honey bun. Love always Bucci xx 



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