Apple: Embrace Your Emoji Campaign

The Apple Emoji campaign aims to inspire people to embrace their inner emoji! With systemic racism and discussions of racial equality more prevalent in society now than ever before, the use of different skin tones on emojis has become a topic of discussion with every iPhone update that passes through our settings and notifications. The campaign aims to illustrate a simple yet effective notion to iPhone users that we are all the same inside, just like how emojis all look the same, and are each capable of accomplishing the same things in life with a bit of communication, humour and connecting.

The posters intend to be shown on billboards and television in the form of a flip book showing all the different emoji combinations in a fun and visual format. The message to be conveyed is simple: we are all equal no matter what colour our skin.

A campaign such as this demonstrates to the public that Apple is aware of racial stigmas and is capable of engaging with sociological problems present within society. When a company actively participates in sociological issues it bodes well for them by the public realising that the brand cares for their consumers wellbeing.

The embrace your emoji campaign presents Apple as a caring and conscientious brand who is aware of racial equality, ageism, education and acceptance of all people. Everyone uses emojis, so it is an easily relatable campaign that all people can associate themselves with.

Look below to see all the posters featured within this campaign:

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