Armenian Inspired Jewellery

Armenia has a rich and illuminated culture, from adoption and presentation of Christianity to our traditional dress; the food we serve and share and the ancient languge that time hath nearly forgot.

One thing of great certainty is that the Armenian people have a great attention to detail, amorous devotion to aesthetics and appreciation of labour. We are hardworking people, and it's shown throughout every field of work. And no less than within our jewellery.

Abundent with opulence and licked with the Midas touch, whether our accessories are golden or silver, they shine brightly. Stones and precious gems carve and engrave their way into family herilooms and become treasures for life, each with a story. Each with a meaning.

Though one should travel to Armenia in order to truly be encapsulated by the craftmanship of traditional jewellery, LAITMYLK has unearthed three existing and more accessible brands that you can discover and drool over, and perhaps buy, if you so wish to enjoy a splurge into wonderously wearable architectural delights.


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