Art Therapy Lessons with Bucci

Art therapy, as I have touched on in previous posts, is something that I believe to be incredibly powerful. Neuroschemicals explode like fireworks in the brain, released during exposure to visual stimuli, or the actual engagement of performing an artistic activity. Brain waves dance like the tides during a full moon, altering emotions, the nervous system, and can actually raise serotonin levels (the 'happy' chemical). Beyond the chemistry behind the brain however... art can, quite simply, change the outlook a person has on the world, and usually for the better.

I firmly believe that within the field of psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience, I will probably specialise and pursue a career in this specific niche. And thus, to practice and to play with concepts regarding how I would approach a one-to-one session, or even a group setting... I've composed five different art therapy lesson prompts - which you are more than welcome to try for yourself, or recommend to a loved one experiencing mental distress.

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