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By mapping out which planet and zodiac sign were in which astrological house at the time you were born, you can gain a greater insight into who you are. Poppycock? Maybe. But I'm a huge believer in crystal healing, spirituality and astrology... so if you care to join be on a star strewn adventure, keep reading 📖

For as long as times winding historic tales can be told, man has been using astrology as a means of recording time, and story telling.

Whether it is from The Bible’s Old and New Testament, as the Qur’an, the big pearl and golden ball in the sky have dictated lunar phases marking specific months and dates in the year. It's even recorded from the most ancient of Chinese, Mayan and South Asian civilisations.

But what specificqlly of a "birth chart", I hear you cry. Well, archeologically speaking, the OLDEST birth chart ever to be found is located in a cave in Croatia, which dates back 2,000 years, further supporting our weird human interest in placing a harness on the stars above us.

In more contemporary times like now, we use birth charts as a way of gaining a deeper understanding of the self, our relationship with others, and our place in the world. Think your daily horoscope, but better.

What is an astrology birth chart?

⭐️ An astrological birth chart maps the planetary alignment at the exact moment you were born, so no two charts are ever the same.

⭐️ There are 12 signs of the zodiac — Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

⭐️ There are also 12 "houses" in a chart (1st to 12th).


I'm sure you can agree, whether you deem astrology mumbo jumbo or not, that different zodiac signs do pertain a certain set of characteristics. It's weird. Has no logical explanation, but nevertheless rings true.

In regards to these houses I've mentioned: each one represents a different aspect and area of our lives (education, family, love, health, work).

Just to make this even richer in context for ya, AS WELL AS there being 12 signs and 12 houses... we also have those big old planets in the sky 🌌 10 of them to be exact.

By mapping out which planet and zodiac sign were in which astrological house at the time you were born, you can gain greater insight into who you are.

The 12 Houses

1st House (also known as the ascendant or AC)

⭐️ your energy

⭐️ your vibe

⭐️ your mood

2nd House

⭐️ your money

⭐️ your materilistic tendencies

⭐️ your self worth

3rd House

⭐️ your relationships (more friends than romance)

4th House

⭐️ your family

⭐️ your home life and dynamics

5th House

⭐️ pleasure

⭐️ sex

⭐️ romance

6th House

⭐️ your health

⭐️ your day to day regime

⭐️ acts of self care

7th House

⭐️ your wants and perceptions of the future

8th House

⭐️ personal transformations

⭐️ personal growth

9th House

⭐️ your education

⭐️ your culture

⭐️ your own personal philosophies

10th House

⭐️ your public image

⭐️ your social status

⭐️ your career placement

11th House

⭐️ you acquaintances and associations

12th House

⭐️ your visions and ambitions

⭐️ your long term goals

⭐️ your intuition

What are the 12 signs of the zodiac?


♈️ fire sign

♈️ impulsive

♈️ courageous


♉️ earth sign

♉️ sensual

♉️ artistic

♉️ stubborn


♊️ air sign

♊️ two faced / dualistic demeanour

♊️ highly intelligent


♋️ water sign

♋️ emotionally sensitive

♋️ empathetic and nurturing

♋️ ambitious


♌️ fire sign

♌️ theatrical

♌️ generous

♌️ loyal


♍️ earth sign

♍️ gentle and mutable

♍️ avoids conflict at all costs

♍️ analytical


♎️ air sign

♎️ likes a sense of balance and order

♎️ hyper sensitive

♎️ self focused


♏️ water sign

♏️ transformative and likes personal growth

♏️ argumentative

♏️ relatively black and white in thinking and conduct


♐️ fire sign

♐️ positive and caring

♐️ philosophical and has high moral standards

♐️ strong willed and honest

♐️ doesn't handle anger or stress well


♑️ earth sign

♑️ reflective

♑️ disciplined

♑️ hard working, sometimes too much so


♒️ air sign

♒️ progressive mind set

♒️ strongly humanitarian

♒️ rebellious and a little impatient


♓️ water sign

♓️ intuitive

♓️ extremely creative

♓️ sentimental and sensitive

What are the important planets in astrology?

Each planet represents a different part of our psyche and helps us create and craft who we are.

🌎 🌝 🌙 🌚 🌟 ⭐️ 🪐 ☄️

They show us the way we act and react to situations and people, and the passions and drive we have to make our dreams come true.

You may have one, a few, or no planets in a house (all of which is quite common).

Think of the planets as the seasoning of the houses — they add flavour.

Each planet is a ‘natural ruler’ of a sign. This means that they have a zodiac sign that they really like to be in. The planet can live up to its truest and purest form in the sign that it rules.

The sun

🌞 your ego, determination and will to fight

The moon

🌙 how you nurture yourself, your memories, your state of self reflection


⚫️ your level of communication , travelling happenings / plans and reception and processing of news


🟣 is the planet of love, affection, sensuality, romance and money


🔴 thus expansive and lucky planet shows us how to grow our minds. It also represents spiritual evolution, travel and higher-minded beliefs


🟠 our ability to take action, argue and fight


🪐 our levels of commitment, stability, social order and the limitations or restrictions placed on us


⚪️ our personal and societal revelations, and inner awakening to injustices on a global level


🔵 the confusing planet, but does make us aware of our innate dreams then it will allow us to see and use our artistry and creative sentiments


🟢 the odd ball of the bunch: pushes us to rebel and say f⭐️ck it, but with promising and good intentions

Nodes: North True and South

🌟 The North Node or True Node represents our truest calling

🌟 Shows us what we want to accomplish, which may make us feel a little uncomfortable because it’s a new journey for our soul

🌟 south node is essentially our past; the part of our personal compss and timeline allowing us to reflect on past wants and ability to grow from events to become better versions of ourselves


How do you build an astrological birth chart?

🌝 Let’s say you were born on 1 August 1995 at 9.20am in London.

🌝 The first thing you would have to do is cast the chart, which you can do HERE

🌞 You will need to know your time and date of birth, and location. Once you have that, you can interpret the information.

☄️ As you can see, the birth chart is mapped out in the form of a wheel.

☄️ We will start counter-clockwise, where the letters ‘AC’ are for ascendant — the starting point of the chart...

☄️ Here the ascendant/1st House is ruled by Virgo, whose natural planetary ruler is Mercury. This denotes an analytical and patient personality.

☄️ Action planet Mars is also in the 1st House in Libra. This energy creates an energised and active vibe.

The 2nd House is ruled by Libra, which means that financial matters are handled with care and financial gain happens through partnerships...

and so on 🌟☄️🌙🌝🪐

Continue around the wheel using the house guidance above, and there you have your birth chart.

Now, perhaps birth charts and astrology is a little coo coo out there for you. I don't blame you if your brain is fuzzy! Though many roll their eyes at those who believe in all this stuff, a lot of energy, education, time and dedication is spent by those who love and believe in this.

Much like a religion - so, respect it! ✊🏾

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