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Interior designing it's not too dissimilar from fashion. The way that we decorate our home is a direct expression of who we are as a person, what our tastes and interests are, how culturally aware we are, what colour schemes set our hearts alight, or what make us want to shut our eyes to a garish flurry of beige - or an opaque crayola colour blocking bonanza. No two homes are ever the same, unless you have of course hired a specific interior designer who only has one sense of style - which I strongly recommend you do not do.

I have grown up in an artists home - my father being a fashion photographer at Vogue, and my mother simply a naturally born style icon. I'm pretty sure she will cringe upon reading this, sorry ma.

With my parents love for one another, two worlds collided together: classically British style with antiquey twists, and historic Armenian descent. Every wall in my home is lavished with paintings and photographs, rustic frames, antique roundtables, sculpture and fine art. Every table is speckled with knickknacks, doodads and treasures alike - it's basically an Aladdin's Cave meets Ariel the little mermaid cubbyhole of human wonders. Look at this stuff isn't it neat wouldn't you think my collections complete… Certainly not! A home can never be too decorated as far as I'm concerned! So long as there is harmony, melodic balance and a symphony of styles marrying together, I'm all for the eternalised splurging and purchasing of home decor. Some people simply don't know where to begin when they start a home revamp affair. It is a form of art that not all of us are naturally inclined to produce, or cannot establish a sense of symmetry within the home... that fengu shui, as the Japanese would say. In my living space, there is an amalgamation of styles, so my dears, allow me thus, to take you on a tour within these walls from the highest hung canvas, to the shallowest middle eastern rug.


My bedroom is my heavenly abyss, as it is the most sparse room in our home. Not absent of decorations, but rather of paintings and frames. I find that in ones bedroom, there should be minimal wall decorations, so as to allow the mind to relax and to coax the unwinding we all need after a full day. I prefer to adorn and bejewel my shelves with cute, personal decorations that each have a story. This, unlike a flurry of paintings and frames, starts the storyteller in your mind, allowing you to subconsciously relax into a dreamlike state, which is precisely what ones bedroom should aim to do. SPARE BEDROOM

The spare bedroom unlike my own personal bedroom is more eclectic. The walls have plentiful paintings and photographs of nudes which are only calming and restore a sense of bodily balance. The colours are warm and muted ranging from rich oak and mahogany to emerald greens and terracotta beige. The main shelf in the bedroom is also filled with books to entertain curious minds of guests and myself alike. LIVING ROOM

A surprisingly open and expensive space but it's filled in a quite Tetris manner with multiple antiques books shelves and random items to spark curiosity and to never fail to tell a story in moments of awkward silence… Not that there ever is any awkward silences in my home! Diagonally and geometrically positioning furniture balances out order with chaos so that you can be flexible in your mind but also maintain an eternal sense of spontaneity. KITCHEN

The kitchen is actually where I spend the vast majority of my day as it is both defined as my home gym my station of cooking nourishing food for myself and others and is also my home office. I have created a makeshift standing desk which is simply a portion of a shelving unit in the room late heavily with books and jars that look like a Middle Eastern bazaar of spiced wonders. We have a rich collection of unusual pots, ceramics and vases, teamed with wicker baskets and a favourite quadruple set of etchings that align the main wall of the kitchen itself. BATHROOM

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all... Not that I condone vein attributes, but there is somethimg about having multiple mirrors in a home that allure me. Our collection ranges from princess antique frame, to convex spherical, and when paired with marble slabs and hand painted soap dishes... it simply becomes mystical!


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