Bacardi, But Not. Getting Lit with Cardi B

Updated: Feb 3

What sounds like Bacardi but isn't? Who produces outrageous rap music and dresses to the nines every damn day?

Who is a bold statement of female empowerment, unapologetic sexuality, bountiful self love and not giving a damn what others think?

Who is covered in tattoos, diamonds Hermes Birkin bags and has a daughter so cultured that her name is so?... and who is the woman with a moneymaking game so long that there is never a case of snakes and ladders to be found, but will instead fly from city to city wherever she so pleases with a snap of her rhinestone encrusted claws?

It is the one and the only Cardi B.

No I didn't initially like Cardi B's music I have always admired her bowl demeanour. in every interview I have ever watched of Cardi B she is always very self assured, hyper aware of herself; oddly eloquent and intelligent when raising her opinions and sticks to her guns regardless of who contradicts her beliefs and morals.

Her music has actually grown on me and I will often find myself singing Bodak yellow and saying that I like it like that without even realising whilst popping a move or two in the kitchen 💃🏻

I like dollars I like diamonds I like stunting I like shining I like million dollar bills where is my pen bitch I'm signing - I mean… How can you not fully jive out to those lyrics?! These kind of songs boost the often absent internal belief in yourself, and make you feel like a bad ass bitch! And to be perfectly honest, in today's social, political, environmental and health afflicted climate... we need all the self-love we can possibly manifest into our day-to-day lives; using it as our superpower.

In ode to Cardi B and as a thank you for her perpetual charm and outrageous nature, LAITMYLK has teamed with SHEIN to create a look book that you can pick apart and tweak to your own tastes so that you can become your very own version of Cardi B!

Come on honey it's time to take a spin in the blue Bugatti, time get the crystallised phone case out, and it's time to start taking 1,000,001 selfies - because honey, you're totally worth it. you're gorgeous and you need to just walk in your red bottom shoes (metaphorical or not) and take on the day.

I've also gone ahead and created 3 fashion illustrations / outfits FOR CARDI! So, if you wanna support LAITMYLK's fashion ventures and endeavours to push stylist boundaries, tag Cardi, share the post and promote MAISON DE BUCCI 🌟


bandana print cami crop top

scarf print ruffle top AND skirt set (so you can really make the layered effect POP!)


marble effect sheer bodysuit

snakeskin leggings


pink tulle mini dress


sunset pvc slippers

rhinestone gold watch (also available in silver)


dogtooth coat

dogtooth suit

dogtooth hat

gold chain belt


denim hot pants

pink crop cami


leopard cold shoulder bodysuit


brown PVC leather trench coat

brown PU leather cap

brown PU leather box bag


lime green mesh bodycon dress


DON'T COPY MY WORK! All original designs by Darcy Bucci Keverian

Designed with intention for


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