Back to Basics: Elementary Perfume

Did you know, that the first ever perfume to be created, spritzed and aromatically diffused into mankind was made in 1370, at the command Queen Elizabeth of Hungary and was known throughout Europe as "Hungary Water". Yep. Now you know. A blend of alcohol and essential oils, THIS was the first ever perfume.

My how times have changed.

The history of perfume is a fascinating and highly cultural one. To put it concisely for you, LAITMYLK have conjured up a little timeline of olfactory tales for you to glance n glimmer over:

History lesson over! Let's now play a game of Perfume Bingo! From the scents below, which do you recognise and / or have tried?...

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It's all well and good recognising existing smells and brands, but what about the new kids on the block? What about going back to basics? What about...

Born, bread, crafted and nurtured all in the UK, this indie perfumery brand is spellbingingly creating a new wave of perfumes for you to lust over.

Made with potently high concentrations (meaning greater longevity and greater smells!), whilst being totally natural in both formula and manufacture, this brand brings value. And all with minimal impact. You COULD say they are pretty "elementary".

They, as a teeny brand destined for greatness, are trying to show that natural perfumes can be big, bold and full of life when done right. They want YOU and I to reconnect with a bit of nature, remindle our love for the environment and appreciate our sense of smell truly and deeply.

Another great thing? THEY ARE TOTALLY...

Artitically speaking more about the design element lf their perfumes, they collaborate with up and coming, contemporary artists to communicate the experience of scent in our own unique kinda way. So each bottle and label truly does tell a story and gives life and character to thw essences the brand creates. Their go to artist? The one and only Leslie Herman, who's work can be seen below, here and on her instagram


Now, THE SMELLS, Bucci, THE SMELLS! Gimme da smells! Ok, chillout. Here before you I present the array of stunning scents to captivate your senses and have you drift away into an olfactory lagoon of pleasure...


Full bodies, deeply woody brew with a warm and smouldering, burnt undertone, balanced and softened off by a hue of forest flowers


Sharp and far from subtle burst of spices, wrapped lovingly with an earthy mustiness and sprinkled with a light, slightly sweet fruity incense


Herby babies unite with this bouquet of greenery smoothed over by a burst of floral spice and tangy citrus notes

Not aure which takes your fancy? For but a mere £25.00 you can order their DISCOVERY SET, giving you a trio of ALL THREE FRAGRANCES, so you can dip your toes into each pretty pond of pong 🌸

And for my true art lovers out there who are in the midst of a redecorating frenzy thanks to lockdown number... where we at, 3? 5? 69? The days are a blur...

You can order large scales prints of the perfume labels to hang and stick in your home, so even without the bottle in hand, you can visually escape into an unscheduled jazzy sage garden...

Follow elementary perfumes on instagram and visit their official website to go back to basics, hone in on the heavy big shot brands and truly start to value what mother nature has to offer - all in a lil bottle, just for you 🌹

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