Back to Blocks: Reviving Wooden Toys in a Time of Technological Dominance

Oh, to be a child again. To wake up carefree with an agenda of greater clarity than the springs of Evian. To pull on simple comfy clothes that you hold no question upon from the judgment of society, and to waddle, skip, hop and crawl out of the bedroom to start a day where the key objective is to PLAY.

Anyone who knows me personally knows of my in depth love with neuroscience and psychology. So let’s get scientific for a moment here about the wonderment of “play”. 

The neocortex and thalamus are responsible for controlling the brain's imagination, along with many of the brain's other functions such as consciousness and abstract thought. The  frontal lobe too plays an important role in contribution to abstraction, creativity, and learning. In saying that, the hippocampus (where memories dominantly come to rest and roost) also aids in creative thought because it is our subconscious that ultimately stimulates the ability to manifest new ideas, thoughts, imagery and concepts. We, without realising, piece together fragments of our memories which contribute to generating fresh takes on things. Much like how an artist may look in history to the past greats, and take elements of inspiration from them... churn it through their creative blender, and craft their own interpretations. 

Now for children. Creative play is a vital part of childhood and overall mental development. It’s through imagining that the floor is lava, or that they are a superhero, or a pop star in their bedroom that they grow emotionally, socially, intellectually, and even physically. Creative experiences help a child develop these critical skills, enabling them to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas into the future. But is creativity being stunted because of the dawn of technology and the demise of “going outside”? 

Not to Raduga Grez. Meet the Russian based brand lovingly crafting wooden toys that are not only a blessing to the power and revival of creative play... but are also aesthetically beautiful, and breathtakingly simple. From grocery cart items to woodland mushrooms, the toys are painted with soft matte colours that are harmonious and calming to the eye - nothing garish or glittering or neon here. The choice of colours alone speak volume, as it’s proven in neurological studies also that colour plays a tremendous role in impacting our mood - both as a child and an adult. Soft colours signal calm and a more flexible. open train of thought... whilst bold and brash hues send off sparks of more vivacious and intense feelings like passion, anger, irritability and frantic-ness. 

These are toys for dreamers and visionaries, young and old. They are crafting toys to celebrate creativity and open our mind beyond the LED screens we are all stapled to. It’s time to let ourselves go and be out of the frame of normality and beauty standards that society has set. It’s time... to play. 🧸🐥🔮🎈🎁🎊🧮💝


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