Be More Snail: 2020 The Year of Slowing The F๐ŸŒŸck Down

Time to be More Niksen (which literally translates into doing nothing In Dutch)

The Durch art of doing... nothing

In a world perpetually swinging like the pendulum of a grandfather clock, and in a society where being still only leads to being spun off of orbit, it's difficult to conceptualise just slowing down. Taking it easy. Having "a day".

God forbid one deciding to not do the housework.

Or not participate in that oh so important zoom meeting (which we all quietly know could easily be sufficed in a CC'd one line email to the team)... no, in a world like ours where blue backlit LED phones are our Gods and our statuses and stories lead us by the masses: disconnecting and appreciating the ticking hands of time is almost a sin.

But this year has been different.

For many reasons.

We've seen a virus declare a global pandemic.

We've witnessed a very sore loser of a president lose to a budding Biden.

We've seen the UK sail off into the solo non-EU friendly distance.

We've seen Dame Barbara Windsor pop her clogs. Which to be perfectly honest, I'm not over. Doubt I ever will be!

In short: the universal acknowledgment of a virus that tells us to stay indoors and to stay away from people has given us no choice in the matter but to accept the sensation of there being more hours in the day we can handle.

Not having to go to work has given leeway for lie ins, for starting that yoga routine and for experimenting in the kitchen. It's prompted us to declutter that drawer and cupboard we stuff things in because 'it's just easier to do that', and has coaxed us until recycling our wardrobe of clothing items that still have the bloody tags on.

Most of us have used this socially distanced scenario to actually become more social, more empathetic, more.. MORE. And I hope we can continue from this as a learning curve and possibly reshape humanity as we know it into a kinder and more conscientious cosmos.

Why have we normalised stress?

Why have we normalised over working?

Why have we normalised 9-5 with no leisure?

Why have we normalised not picking up the phone?

Why have we normalised antisocial behaviour?

No more.

Let's pop our masks on but tip our hats off to COVID. Because all in all... I actually think it's done us a hell of a lot of good.


Bucci's Top 3 Slow Down To Dos To Try in 2021

writing to do lists

๐ŸŒŸ spend ten to fifteen minutes in the morning writing a to do list. start the list with the more boring tasks or difficult ones to just get them out of the way. you will feel satisfied, more organised and able to compartmentalise your thoughts to stay focused and calm during the remaining normal stressors of the day

skin and bodycare

๐ŸŒŸ find three products you like the smell and feel of for your skin, and use them daily! put aside a window of 15 mins JUST to nourish your body. this forces you to, whether you're aware of it or not: love yourself. you are SPECIFICALLY setting aside time JUST to touch, massage and love your gorgeous body. Own that shit, babycakes!

read read and read

๐ŸŒŸ no more scroll scroll scroll. whether you fly through books like a typewriter or are more of a snail when it comes to reading, aim to finish four books this coming year. one for spring, one for summer, one for autumn and one for winter. whether ypu only have time to read two pages a day or two chqpters a day doesn't matter. the art of reading is that it stimulates both hemispheres of the brain, subconsicously making you more creative and logical with every digested word.


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