Breathtaking India: Where to Stay

India is as explosive in its beauty as it is in its cuisine upon the senses. Your eyes, when swanning through markets, are met by flurries of vibrant colours, pigments dazzling like gemstones under a fiery roasting sun; the scent of spices twirling in air placing you under turmeric infused hypnotism. Bobbing and swaying heads remind you to be calm and accept life in its raw beauty, the sky and water reflect one another's cerulean glow, and the culture, bustle and oddly comely chaos never subsides.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been in love with Indian culture. From the beautiful deities and Gods, to the opulent and lavish jewellery and fashion I'd witness in markets in Tooting (aka South London's answer to India). In fact, I'll go so far as to say that should I ever marry, I want an Indian themed wedding! Hands down! The beautiful henna... the lavish jewels, the stunning garments... and the food, though no particularly tolerant of it, is a cuisine I will always favour for their raw spices and herbs, fresh and traditional methods and honest ingredients.

Should I have not been struck with ill health anf should COVID have not totally turned the world off its orbit, I would be trailblazing through India right now. Exploring every bazaar, haggling with vendors, draped in sparkling sari's and meeting people of the land to discover their stories untold. But for now, we are London bound, and Zoom is the closest I'm going to get.

With thanks to the hotel group Amanbagh located in Rajasthan, I am here to write about the beauty of the hotel, as well as give you a must follow bucket list of locations to visit in a land that promises not only to add colour to your memories, but to your very soul.

Tempted for a travel expedition unlike any other?

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to discover more about the how, the when and the where of this life changing hotel experience

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