Bubblegum Perfume?! Yes. It's Real 💗💦💥⭐️

Perfume whores rejoice and unite as I unravel to you the latest scent trend to hit the technological shop shelves (seeing as low and behold we are still under lock and key by the government's scrupulous yet utterly cataclysmic attempts to contain COVID 🤦🏻‍♀️).

A fragrance so pastel pink, your inner hello kitty will meow.

A scent so sweet, sugar will crystallise in total surrender.

A perfume so poppin' that it'll make yo' bubblegum POP 💥

Because that IS what this perfume IS: bubblegum scented 👁 👄 👁

Based in London, the latest aesthetic brand trend to put me in a whimsical twirling la la land state of being is Bel Rebel. And the scent we are specifically drawing focus onto is their bubblegum fragrance.


Top Notes:

Fruits, Clove Bud


Heart Notes:

Bubblegum, Orange Oil


Base Notes:

Cashmeran, Patchouli Oil, Vanilla


Captures the sensation of blowing the bubble. Intense at first, over time the scent is unexpectedly transformative.

Once the bubble pops, velvety undertones emerge bringing a chic element to the playfulness of bubblegum. A celebration of the off-kilter, the happy-go-lucky, in constant pursuit of fun and joy.

Cwaoorrr baby, spray, sprirtz and squirt again because this is an aroma to brighten and lighten any mood.

The brand claims that every one of their scents creates unique narratives, and challenges industry conventions. They bend, twist, twirl and uptinately tantalise our olfactory senses by rebelling against beauty norms. And who can honestly argue with that?

They are BOLD

They are ETHICAL


They are FUN


They are SELF MADE



Discover the brand here

Follow them on instagram

And join the rebel gang

Come on

Be Rebel


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