bucci's favourite facial oils - thank me later 🌟✨💥

serums are the manuka honey of the skincare world

theyre potent and luscious

mooreish and deluxe

they sumptuously seep into the pores

encapsulating every skin cell with a plush hug of concentrated nourishment and delight

its the raw cocoa before the chocolate

the cream of the milk top

the macadamia of the nut world

you get the drift

here are my favourite facial serums that i swear by and have saved my skin from the brink of defeat

prevailing as a glowing complexion of midas gold and sparkling pezazzle

love bucci xx

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Golden Shimmer Multi Usage Dry Oil 50ml £22

Nuxe is luxe, let's just say that. Though pricey, I wouldn't be without this luxurious oil-based treatment that nourishes, repairs and softens, with shimmering mineral particles illuminating skin and/or hair with a satin-like sheen.

It is specially formulated with a unique cocktail of Vitamin E and seven precious plant oils – tsubaki, camellia, hazelnut, boarge, St Johnswort, sweet almond and macadamia

Surprisingly non-greasy and extremely lightweight , it also has a captivatingly sweet fragrance featuring top notes of Orange Blossom, heart notes of Rose and Lily, and Vanilla base notes 🌹 🧁 💖

Makeup Revolution Glass Liquid Skin Illuminating Serum £8

For the perfectly platinum and scintillating complexion, although this is theoretically a two in one primer and serum, its a blissful concoction of essential and natural oils with botanical extracts, and skin-friendly "glitter" which when the light hits you BOOM 💥 you're like Bella from Twilight - in a good way. Infused with grapes, cucumber and coconut - you've also got a lusciously refreshing scent to tint up your mood to happy hoppy bunny all day long 🐰 ⚡️ ✨

Dream Dream Dream Night Oil by Neighbourhood Botanicals £28

Mooreish and voluptuous lusciousness in an even more exquisite bottle. This is everything you want and more for an enticing treatment. We're talking macadamia to enrich, apricot kernal to enrobe, black pepper to spice up dem skin cells; chamomile to calm and lavendar to soothe. Invest in this and not only will you dream of perfect skin, but you'll HAVE perfect skin 👌🏻 ☁️ 💤


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