Bucci's Updated Skincare Routine from 4am to Bedtime

l e t s g e t s t r a i g h t t o i t b i t c h e s 🌟🌸


this is the time i wake up always, if not before!

i immediately zest up my senses and wake myself up by applying a blend of

st tropez gradual tanner


benton lets carrot multi oil

the combination of peppermint avocado and carrot from the serum nourishes and revitalises whilst the tanner adds a creamier, more nourishing texture to the application

i finish off with a spritz and mist of

isle of paradise dark tanning mist

which smells like tropical peppermint


bath time! πŸ› always a combo of...

burts bees baby oil


sanctuary sea salt scrub

which combined makes for a luscious smelling bath that scrubs away dead skin cells and oozes luxurious essential oils into your skin in unison


makeup time!

i prep my skin with

NUXE huile prodigeuse l'or golden shimmer

the skin friendly glitter makes for a complexion that utterly glows whilst the gentle bronze tint gives you a pop of radiant colour

mixed with foundation, its the perfect priming agent for all occassions

this oil is gorgeous also because of its purity

7 botanical oils derived from mother nature including macadamia, rosemary, sweet almond and even tomato!


unless im going out on the town, which is literally n e v e r, i'll be taking off my makeup by this point!

to remove my makeup, i use:

sweet almond oil

scottish heather honey

a face wipe or dampened lukewarm cloth

i gently massage the oil into my skin ON my makeup

this shifts the makeup like there's no tomorrow and displaces all the pigments

i then take a wetted face wipe or cloth and glide over the skin to push/wipe away the makeup and oil

i repeat this two-three times until the face wipe is clean as a whistle

i then wash my face with the honey, like you would with any othet face wash!

rinse off the sweet stickiness with warm water

dry your face with a terry towel

i then finish off by moisturising with my two starting ingredients of the day!...

st tropez gradual tanner


benton lets carrot multi oil


as i wind down and get ready to sleep and rest, i finish off once more with an extra dollop of

st tropez gradual tanner


benton lets carrot multi oil

and that's it!

minimalism is the key for glowing and happy skin

find some ingredients you love that your skin equally takes well to

and s t i c k t o i t !

love always

bucci boo 🐰 xx


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