Bucci Tackles Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: A New Hypothesis.

There is a condition that is dramatically and slowly creeping its way into society. You’re holding it in your hands, you’re holding it to your ear. You’re walking under it’s glare. And your breathing in it’s power. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, abbreviated to EHS, is a condition whereby the individual suffers a set of non-specific symptoms when exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) of an anthropogenic (from human) origin. This includes the likes of cellphones, wifi, television sets and so on. Electric fields are created by differences in voltage, and unsurprisingly, the higher the voltage, the stronger the resultant field will be. Think of EMFs as a lagoon. The larger the rock, and the more forcefully you through, the strong the ripple effect will be throughout the water. What one must come to understand when delving into this condition, is that natural sources of electromagnetic fields, in this day and age, are becoming more and more potent as humankind progressively develop technology. Artificial intelligence, voice recognition responding devices in the home, expansion of satellite presence and potency, sleeping with your iPhone on charge beside you, even the supposedly beneficial forms of technology such as new productions with medical equipment in the healthcare sector… all of this is exposure can accumulate negatively in certain individuals overtime, and result in a host of symptoms, side effects and ultimately, their future.

The problem with this condition is that, like many modern day illnesses, this is an invisible illness (meaning the person with the condition can look seemingly normal and healthy), and simultaneously is accompanied by numerous symptoms that are non-specific, meaning overlapping symptoms that coincide with multiple potential conditions. It is a multi dimensional problem, who’s present explanatory hypotheses have far-reaching inferences, further adding to it’s lack of understanding and comprehension by both the medical world and the general community alike. The present standing hypotheses include:

  1. The EM Hypothesis: high exposure or subtle yet continuous exposure to strong EMFs causes EHS

  2. The Cognitive Hypothesis: the concept that it is EHS is built upon false belief systems, improper educations, and nocebic responses (*nocebo: A nocebo effect is when negative expectations of the patient regarding a treatment cause the treatment to have a more negative effect than it otherwise would have… in other words: “it’s all in your head”)

  3. The Attributive Hypothesis: conceiving EHS as a cognitive or physical response of the body to cope with pre-existing conditions; like a coping strategy to handle suppressed symptoms and presentations of other dormant/underlying conditions

The conclusion? Nothing is presently satisfying. For those suffering with EHS, their quality of life is drastically reduced. Social interactions and relationships deteriorate, perusing careers and education crumbles, leading a simple day with standard normal activities such as getting groceries in a fluorescent, brightly lit supermarket or going to a coffee shop becomes totally unfeasible. Presently, the approach to manage EHS in patients with this condition dominantly relies on the individual themselves seeking holistic, homeopathic, natural and alternative medicines; trial and error and persistent referrals from specialists to other specialists.

The only real existing ‘answers’ to this condition presently fall upon:

  1. EMF FREE ZONES: Moving the individual to a location where there is reduced to no EMF could be the ultimate easy solution and game changer for the patient. One of the most infamous and presently functioning EMF-free zones is United States National Radio Quiet Zone located in Green Bank, West Virginia. This radio quiet zone was built in 1958 to protect the very sensitive telescope housed in the observatory here. The total square mileage is 13,000 - technically spanning three entire states, There are many more locations where one can live and purchase a home, or simply rent for a period of detoxification and trial to see whether by reducing exposure to EMFs, their symptoms improve.

  2. REMOVAL AND REDUCTION OF TECHNOLOGICAL DEVICES: There’s obvious backing here. Reduce the cause from the source = reduce the symptoms from said source.

Below however is my take on the condition. My idea behind what could be the answer, or at least hold potential, for the development of future treatments - and an eventual cure - for EHS:

STEM CELL COPPER INFUSIONS: Should the individual be engaged with stem cell treatment whereby the stem cells injected into the patient are infused with copper could potentially regenerate existing and produce new cells that have a better ability to deflect and tolerate EMF. Though stem cells infused with copper have a greater likelihood of having greater efficacy, I believe also that simple blood infusions and IV treatments on a regular basis could hold benefit in quite literally’ shielding’ the body internally and on a cellular basis from external radiation that causes the debilitating symptoms and effects of EHS in a patient. There are more options also besides copper, should a patient be allergic or have an intolerance to the metal. Infusions and stem cell therapy could also use or experiment with is steel. 316L and 316LVM are the only types of steel that are body-friendly, and is already widely used in orthopaedic medical devices (i.e. hip replacements) and surgical instruments.

WRITTEN BY Darcy Bucci Keverian


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