C'est Très Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a name known in every household. Much apart from her inarguablr talents in film (both in front of and behind the camera), her pillow like lips, abundance of philanthropic works and independent nature prove as an inspiration to us all. As an ambassador for the United Nations, she has flewn to aid refugees on the frontline.

In 2005, Jolie was awarded the Global Humanitarian Award by the United Nations Association of the USA for her work with UNHCR and with refugees. Jolie also co-chairs the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, which helps fund education programs for children affected by conflict. And it goes without saying that she has a true mothering instinct, with a magnanimous family of her own, both biological and heartfelt in their ties to her.

FACT BREAK! Let's play some Angie Bingo... how many of these movies have you seen?

Something that is seldom remarked upon however, due to her mysterious nature to NOT be in paparazzi's eyeshot, is her sense of style. Chic and minimalist at the best of times, one must not forget her punk rock foundation from the 90s where she's frequent rockband t shirts, buzzcut hair do's and ebony black leather pants.

In this look book, we're going to flick through her most iconic styles, with next-best-links so you van channel your inner jolie too.


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