Caffeine in Gastric Motility Disorders and Diabetes...

As an individual who suffers with gastroparesis, I can safely say to you that I have and will continue to try and experiment with every holistic, remedial, alternative and otherworldly technique to try and alleviate pains and aches, discomforts and traumas associated with this disease, that its sufferers live with on a daily basis. This condition is debilitating. It changes your life. You can't eat and drink like a normal person, which affects e v e r y t h i n g you can possible think of. From birthdays to going to a coffee shop, to grocery shopping and simply getting ut of bed in this morning - this gastric condition is not one for the faint hearted.

But as an autoimmune disease with no cure and no solid understanding or rationale behind it... we are left to be our own advocates. Which fuels my fire and drive to discover as many potential ways to help myself, and others, as possible.

This is my latest medical hypothesis and infographic set surrounding the concept of coffee, caffeine and is chemical foundation chlorogenic acid could hold hope and benefits in promoting digestion, and reduction in the development of diabetes - whilst simultaneously enhancing the sufferers ability to maintain and absorb minerals, vitamins and energy from food.

Please like and share - all words and research by yours truly, with credit to Khang Wei Ong, Annie Hsu and Benny Kwong Huat Tan.

Darcy Bucci Keverian


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