Cream of the Crop! Introducing Tom Parker's Creamery

Chocolate milk is a timeless classic creation that we all know and love. Reminiscent of childhood, nothing quite compares to the refreshing yet sweet elixir of a glass of chilled milk swirled and blended with the aromatic nuttiness of the humble cocoa bean, the luscious undertones of vanilla and sprinklings of sugar dust.

Chocolate milk is coffee's baby sister that everyone wants to play with and thinks is oh so adorable.

But over the years within the food cosmos, brands have taken to cheap skating their way to the top, adding hidden preservatives and inconspicuous ingredients that hardly any of us can correctly pronounce...

Which is where Tom Parker swoops in to save the day!

Much apart from the brand producing delectably tasting flavoured milk for us all to sip, slurp and savour, their premise is based largely on keeping their cows happy. Happy cows?! How is such a thing possible in such a typically cruel industry as the farming world...

Well, Mr Tom does a lot. In ode to maintaining the reputation of the founding father of the brand himself: Tom Parker (Jack, our founders Great Grandfather). In 1921, this wondrous man started farming with just 14 cows on his fields of rented land. Beginning the story by delivering milk from his horse and cart and as word spread of the quality of the milk, his fleet of beautifully painted horse drawn milk floats became a regular sight in Hampshire and ‘The Guv’nor’, as he was known, became something of a farming legend. He never let success change him though, describing himself, even to royalty, as ‘the local milkman.’

Now back to our moo moos! How does Tom Parker Creamery keep them mooing with glee?!

Tom Parker was renowned for his belief that hard work never killed anyone…and neither did striving for perfection. Following in those footsteps, today the brands vision is is unchanged, still crafting products that are innovative, whillst maintaining the optimum standard of dairy products - all of which are delicious, natural, fully traceable and sustainable.

Currently, the range comprises of five bottles of wholesome, refreshing and nutritious goodness.

So let's roll through them with you!

Available in most leading supermarkets across the UK now, you can of course go directly to their website here to explore their range and story! This is a flavoured and original milk brand you need in your life, not only for your tastebuds to be happy... but for cows to be happy too 🐄