Crystals as Art: Gigi Manuela

Crystal healing is a topic that many squabble and squander over. Is it poppycock, or are there genuine energies manifested within each and every curved or crackled geode? Here at LAITMYLK, we believe in crystal healing, the power of stones and the strength of zen. Which is probably how the universe has gravitated us towards the creativity, quirkiness and beauty of one of the most unique contemporary artists we’ve discovered to date... meet: Gigi Manuela.

This unique soul curated compositions of unique purpose and presence. As a crystal collector,  energy channeller and energy

healer, Manuela has grown from a child into a woman whose passions for interior designs and appreciation for Mother Nature have created a hybrid of art that everyone can connect with.

Her “paintings” channel energies from the stones she incorporates into them. The colours vibrantly

revitalising the senses and fuelling inner balance to their viewer. Crystals hold frequencies and energies via the point  from which they are sourced in the world, and so to take these gems and place them into artworks that can be hanged or held anywhere in ones own home is a true testimony to the power both nature AND art has as an influence on someone’s life.

Crystals each have a unique energy that we can use to serve us individually. Whether you choose one crystal or many, they work in harmony to balance our lives; improving energies or helping with healing, motivation and creativeness. For many, whether placebo or not, they’ve shown to sooth depression and help with anxiety.

All of Manuela’s art works are made with non toxic bpa free resin and real natural crystals, stones, gems and minerals. Better still; the crystals are infused with rosewater for extra cleansing purposes, AND every painting is purified with sage and essential oils to help activate your Chakras. Crystal healing paintings... so what are you waiting for? Get your charms on, pull on your art pants, and discover the zenful zone of crystal infused art.

Discover her artwork on Instagram

Or via her official website here


I myself am an artist, specialising in illustration, fine art, abstraction and collage. Inspired by Gigi’s work, I have curated a series of my very own crystal infused collage works to pay tribute to the genius artisté that is miss Manuela. 


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