Delicious Discoveries with Arman Liew

James Brown once said This Is a Man's World... and in this instance, he was not mistaken. In our patest venture of Delicious Discoveries on LAITMYLK, we throw open the steamy oven doors on the Australian culinary genius, Arman Liew, who is bringing a flurry of original and surprisingly healthy recipes to your tastebuds whilst putting you into a perpetual state of hunger and droolism. Yes, droolism is now a word.

Embrace it.

Based in the summer stricken city of Melbourne, Arman's kitchen is no stranger to fresh ingredients that combine to craft the most exceptional confectionery delights your eyes have yet sunk upon.

Pillowy and creamy... velvety and dense... lustrous and chewy... crunchy and funky. The spectrum of his cakes and bakes are bountiful - the taste factor? Layered and levelled to the optimum mount.

What I love most about Arman's crafts is how they truly do appear homemade, and are evidently abundant with the most wholesome ingredients of all: passion and love.

We run through our top ten favourite posts by Arman, and hope it inspires you to get baking and tasting every maple, honey, sugar, agave, berry bursting, chocolate chippin' chewable creation under the aussie sunshine.

Let's go!


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