It's that time of the week again. Slumberous souls emerge into the glazed hue of the morning, coffee in hand with a yawn and a stretch to the garden dew. We shake the week of its memoirs, intertwining both stress and savouring thought of the high and lowlights we've once again made it through and are mid way in repeating once more. The day is new, and the hours are slow; the minutes passing like honeybees tipsy and heavy with pollen.

And you know what else a generally all round good day entails? Good food.

Featuring the astoundingly beautiful bakes of Angelina Papanikolaou, a Grecian goddess of a pastry chef @bakedambrosia on instagram and co founder of a new and upcoming revolutionary health food bar (beeyondbar), laitmylk explores the top ten favourite culinary curations crafted by this fair lady's hands...

Prepare to have your eyes speckled with sugary delights.

all photos property of @bakedambrosia

discover all of her recipes here

This isn't just any chocolate cheesecake... no no... this is a stout chocolate cheesecake. Intense with mahogany hue, rippled with ganache and laden with the darkly onyx mystery of crushed oreo cookies as the base, this cheesecake will captivate your subtle alcoholic senses with a splash of stout to intensify and magnify the cocoa bean decadence, whilst the luxuriously smooth and frosting like texture oozes about with each and every morsel.

Cookies... but stuff it. These cookies are dangerously addictive, with an exterior hiding a secret pleasure within. With globules of perfect chocolate chips crowning the surface of a softly baked cookie, a single bite reveals a tawny burnished centre of creamy peanut butter; the nutty sweet aromas balancing the intensity of the cocoa and creating a classic PB cup vibe, but cookiefied. One batch will last approx 1.3 hours - just saying. #cookiemonster

Whilst some may raise a brow to the concept of vegetables in baking, the humble and classic carrot cake is one that not only bugs bunny will crave for, but you too. Particularly when in the form of a homely baked donut, lavishly topped with thickly whipped cream cheese frosting and crumbly walnut and/or pecan pieces. The colour alone burns a fire within; the amber hue beckoning summertime happiness - not sadness (sorry Lana Del Rey). One bite, and you too will become a sunshine embodiment of these topaz toned tasteful rings of goodness 🍩

Nothing is prettier than a linzer cookie. Timeless in their stained glass effect, their bring back childhood memories for even the biggest scrooge of the bunch. It's a classic buttery shortbread biscuit sprinkled lovingly with snow like sugar, with a window to the soul... ruby red, crimson sugar glass with a strawberry lick, mmmhm!

I adore the name of this cake. There is a story behind the name that once upon a time there was a Persian woman madly in love with a prince. To make him fall in love with her, she baked him this cake, filled with magical love powers. Her version is no less entrancing, with bountiful flurries of rose petals, a buttery almond crust and a yogurt based filling. It is both floral and refreshing, whilst perfectly nipping those sweet cravings in the bud

Doesn't get prettier than this! A barbie pink, pastel frosting infused with the sparkling desires of champagne, acting as the tiara of regality to a base fudgey and dense with vanilla butter sweetness. White chocolate curls and coats the tongue in generous chunks, with an every so subtle touch of salt in the recipe bringing the maple like sugar notes to life.

For my sweet and salty lovers out there, these blondies are a prize worth baking. Jewelled like a pirates treasure chest with the familiar, savoury crunch of a twirly wirly pretzel, with a decadent caramel sauce oozing like magma from a rustling volcano... these are a bake you simply have to have you hand at!

And on the final note we save what is arguably the best until last. Returning home to the waving oceanic flag of the Grecian seas, in a spell of blue and white, we meet a traditional cookie that is earthy, mysterious, comforting and so simple... whilst also vegan. Greek Olive Oil and Orange Cookies combine olive oil, orange, cinnamon, and sesame seeds to create a crisp and curious cookie undoubtedly richer than the sesame seeds it is encrusted with in their mythological roots and wholesome beginnings.