delicious discoveries with butternut bakery

It's been a fair while since LAITMYLK has done a post within our delicious discoveries range. Not for lack of inspiration, but rather want and cravings for alternative endeavours. Fret not, we are back, and we are back with a baking vengeance where sponges are spongier, moisture is moistier (is that even a word?!), chocolate is chocolatier... caramel more oozing and zest zestier!

We introduce you to... Butternut Bakery, an account run by a wonderful lady feeding 176k eyes on her Instagram called Jenna Barnard.

Indulgent recipes, is how she introduces herself in her bio on the gram. And she couldn't be more accurate. A flurry of photos grace your screen, with what are arguably the "moistest" bakes you have ever seen. We're talking giant chocolate chip cookies laden with mahogany chunks, buried in a biscuit hued cookie practically crumbling in the papm of your hands... blueberry crumble inspired flapjacky bakes so lavished with berries and oats that they are but a splash of milk away from becoming oatmeal... and banana chocolate chip bread that literally curves when you pick up a slab. Yes slab, not slice. We're about the slab life.

Growing up in the Midwest of America, we could all take our hats off to her wonderful mother whom, in her words via her blog (which you can read and follow here) kept an ARCHIVE of Taste of Home magazines which she occasionally snipped some recipes from. She recalls a clipping of a recipe for homemade brownie dessert pizza with peanut butter frosting, which is what acted as the catalyst to her baking dreams; opening her eyes to the baking cosmos and commencing a perptual churn out of cookies, brownies, bakes and beyond.

At LAITMYLK, I wanted to give Jenna a podium and walk you through ten of my personal favourite recipes from her, describing each with love, and of course, giving you a direct link to the recipe so you can go a bit nuts with the butternut herself!

Enjoy. Salivate. Savour. And stay butternutty!

The homely tasted of a blueberry muffin, moreishly layered amidst delectably moist oats with a subtle crunch and powdery dusting... what's not to love? These bars truly crumble in a tumultuous golden oats splendour, with a generous layer of indigo hued blueberries to cut across the rich buttery aromas and notes of this must have bake. The word 'Indulgence' just got a new profile picture!

A blizzard, by drink terms, is the lovechild of a slushy and a damn good milkshake, and this one... this represents that iconic blizzard name to the highest podium possible. Abundantly thick with creamy, chocolate chip laden cookie dough goodness, this freakshake concoction will make you cool, refreshed, salivate and savour the concept of what it means to feel sweet as sugar rolled in a blanket of vanilla, caramel goo. Oooo you want one, I can see it in those eyes...

I mean: who WOULDN'T want one?!

Cackling for the crackle? Same, sis. Especially when it involves the glossy elixir of caramel and the boldly milky notes of creamy white chocolate, married against the intensity of a fudgey, bittersweet brownie base. The caramelisation of the white chocolate creates a honey like undertone, charming the senses with a new level of sweetness that your tastebuds will do a honey bee dance over for sure!

Have you ever seen a slab of banana bread THIS ooey gooey?! I dare you to tell me you have! Thick and succulent, as far as a slice of bread can go, banana bread is not only classically bananarama, but generously laden with chunks and chips of cocoa chips to add a curious but melting chew to every salivating bite. Perfect with an iced salted caramel latte to complement and accentuate the flavours, this is an treat we all deserve to be baking!

We know that familiar pastel green all too well... it's seen in tubs and cones and cups when the summer sun kisses your skin and your lips close on the curve of a big old scoop of ice cream... well, this is the ice cream's big sister. This is the mint choc chip CAKE you didn't know existed and now do and now NEED in your life. Fudgey and mysterious with a dark, almost blackened chocolate interior, the contrast of colour is not only visually beautiful, but the taste is both sweetly satisfying... and oh so oddly refreshing with that perfect peppermint twist enrobing a luxuriant sponge.

You can never have a bad recipe if it involves butter, or pecans. Put them together? And you've got a match made in literally caramel nut heaven. Chunky and chonky, the amount of nuts and buttery caramelised cookie pieces veined throughout this bake almost give a jewelled crown aesthetic. Every sorta round shape an opulent bite and a plush push to an all pecan party! Me want. You want. So let's go bake and fuel the enchant!

Oreo is one thing to put in a bakeable bar... but to then combine the toothsome creamery of a classic cheesecake? Oo la oreo la! Cookies and cream grown up. Cat got the cream with a cookie glaze. Mind in a boggle with each bite and gaze... Three layers. A triple threat of troublesome toothiness. Hey, you know what? I'll happily succumb to cavities for a bite of this baddie!

Mama says you can lick the bowl and the spoon... but the problem with this is that, once she's left the room, and you're left in a staring match with the dollops of raw cookie dough on the baking tray ready to be thrown in the oven... you kinda just want to sit there and demolish the lot - screw the baking process. Well, these cookie dough bars satisfy those urges, and then some. Fudgey and gooey; vanilla slurping and sliding... richly drooling and draped with bittersweet milk chocolate, and balanced on a base of dark cookie perfection... crown your cravings. Go on. No judgment here.

Biscoff is a unique biscuit, wouldn't you agree? It's like a magical bake that can undergo multiple states of metamorphosis depending on what precisely you do to it. Dunked in tea? A malty miracle. Dunked in iced coffee? A chilled caramel crisp. Baked amidst fluffy mallow spread, toasty caramel cookie notes and crunched biscuity morsels? Um... perfection? You've got the chewy gelatinous fluff of the mallow stuff, the crunch of a malty biscuit, and the spongey fudgey baby boom birthed by this marriage. Eat em once, you'll wanna eat em thrice.

Yer a wizard, Jenna. Is what Hagrid would say: whilst slurping from a goblet of tawny walnut tinted butterbeer. These twix caramel bars bring to life the mystical and magical world of Harry Potter, made with a chewy ginger blondie base, soft butterbeer caramel, and a layer of butterscotch chocolate swirled on top. It’s rich, chewy, and tastes just like a glass of butterbeer. Enjoy them chilled for a more firm caramel, or room temp for all the melty goodness.