Delicious Discoveries... with Food Duchess

We are BACK baby with our new segment on LAITMYLK where, once a week, we pop the spotlight on an instagram based talent we have discovered through the mindless scrolling that we all submerge into at some point during the 24 hour day. But the difference here is that LAITMYLK won't be bringing you anything mindless - oh no. We are here to INSPIRE!

And this weeks chosen spectacle?

The feed of food duchess is one we all want to be fed by, blessing our visual and near olfactory senses with an array of brightly lit, heavenly photos of even more angelic foods.

With a penchant for baked goods, food duchess presents curations combining flavours both classic and curious. Such as a modern take on a chocolate torte, evolved instead into a delectable circle of chai spice and salted caramel.

Donut rings with a hue kissed by golden honey sunshine play temptress as we imagine sinking our teeth into the pecan embellished curves of a brown sugar and maple glaze flavour.

Or perhaps ice cream churned to a creamy, dense consistency spelling tea house vibes of whimsical earl grey in tones of pastel lilac to embody the notion of summer's impending arrival.

I'm yet to find a sugar crafter as craft as food duchess, so until then, let's take a look at ten select pieces of her account and salivate in unison...