Delicious Discoveries with... Jules Food

This is a new segment on LAITMYLK I'm trying out for size. Once a week, popping the spotlight on an instagram based talent we have discovered through the mindless scrolling that we all submerge into at some point during the 24 hour day. But the difference here is that LAITMYLK won't be bringing you anything mindless - oh no. We are here to INSPIRE!

And this weeks chosen spectacle?

Cuisine unlike any other, with photographic skills to match, prepare to salivate and ruminate on what your cuisine could and should be like after just one visit to Jules's page.

Off the bat, we are met with a flurry of rich and eclectic colours, highlighting how fresh and wholesoome each morsel must be. You can practically taste the food through your screen... hey, stop that; do NOT lick your phone!

The spectrum is no less exciting, hopscotching from sublime cuts of meat, to seafood treasures; eggs with yolks so golden yellow you'd think they'd been given the Midas touch, and the finest cheese that would have cheesemongers all around shedding a tear of joy - one is never short of inspiratiom or cravings when exploring @julesfood instagram page.

Below are ten of my favourite snaps from Jules (ALL credit to @julesfood of course!)

Come and follow Jules Food on his official instagram here, and prepare to salivate, dream, mmm, oooo and aaaa at every post to grace your feed. (pun TOTALLY intended!)