Delicious Discoveries with Sara Upshaw

The cuisine of Korea is a prismatic spectrum of eruptive flavours and textures. In a traditional Korean home, you are likely to be met with a flurry of words and names of dishes your brain simply flops into confusion with, the pronounciation strange and the concepts possibly stranger. It's like you step into a delicious third dimension, where spices and herbs rain from the sky, and the ground swallows you into a state of bliss with every swallow of food you personally take.

And to be quite blunt, no one is presenting this sensation better than self proclaimed Korean "halfie" Sara Upshaw, @kimchihalfie on instagram.

I found her page by chance, but 'twas obviously destiny, as a hardcore Korean food fanatic myself. The photographic is homely and raw, but opulent and rich in unison. Fresh colours and ingredients catapult off the page alongside the generous portions of wholesome, truly homecooked food that you just know would nourish your soul. From the fluffiest stickiest rice bowls, to the sunniest yolk in Seattle, to the succulent fatty cuts of beef braised, fried or grilled... Sara knows what she's doing. And in the time spent on Instagram, one can already witness her culinary growth and expertise ripening with every cooking endeavour.

Before we dive into Upshaw's work, LAITMYLK has a little infographic to get you in the swing of Korean food and the lingo - can't have you swimming in the deep end can we!? NOTHING worse than reading a menu, or an ingredient and thinking "what in God's name is that". After, by all means, continue to scroll and scroll some more, get salivating and get following her!