Delicious Discoveries... with Susan Spungen

The day has dawned. Sunday, I have decided, WILL be LAITMYLK's official day for our popular Delicious Discoveries posts. The day we shed light on an instagram based culinary talent bringing us heaven sent food inspiration... as well as a trip to our phone provider to complain about water damage after drooling uncontrollably on our phone.


The lady of the week?!...

Already you know you're in for a spectacle whirlwind after reading a bio telling you she is pn the official New York Times list of BEST Spring Cookbooks (forget getting a gold medal at the Olympics, THIS is the acclaim we want 🥇), Susan's page as you begin to scroll becomes more and more of a visual splendour with every thumb flick and finger tap.

Food is styled with lambent lighting, each image polished and crackerjack. The expertise is evident in both awareness of composition when plating a toothsome plate of food, and how to make it look visually beguiling.

Whether she is sugar dusting and sea salt sprinkling a perfectly gooey yet crisp chocolate chunk cookie, or colourfully adopting the role of Matisse with a tofu za'atar bowl radiating rainbow vibes, Susan's food does what food should do: make you hungry for more.

Her unique method of posting via her newsletter also means you NEVER miss a recipe. Fantastic needs for the ferocious foodie clamouring for inspired eats!

We run through our favourite 10 posts of Susan's on instagram, napkin in hand, and a sincere letter to Elon Musk requesting he draw his on to making teleportation of food real at the ready to post.