Desserts in a Can 🍺

It may or may not surprise people to know that I don't drink, and never have. Alcohol, that is. I've tried it, certainly, but have genuinely never favoured that fermented twang in wine, that burning bitter fire from liqueurs, the acidic notes of hard distilled elixirs... it just isn't my thing. And more importantly: I've never caved to the pressure of feeling the need to drink to fit in with social circles either. You like me for me, not what's in my cup or how plastered I am on a scale of 1-100... which for me is always -100.

One thing I am a total addict for however are sweet beverages. You name it, I want it. Chocolate milk. Salted caramel milkshakes. Hot chocolate. Mochas. Iced coffee. Matcha lattes drowning in vanilla syrup. Pumpkin spice lattes when the autumnal, amber season strikes. Boba. Frappuccinos. I'm all for them. And it's an addiction I have absolutely no intention to fix.

When worlds collide between something you like and something you don't... which in this case is sweetness and alcohol, I must admit, I'm a little confused as to how to respond. Do I try? Don't I try? Do I? Don't I? Regardless of the outcome... I present to you the root of my quandry: Amundsen Brewery's Dessert In A Can range.

Amundsen Brewery is a brewery unlike any other, based in Norway. With can designs each being a doodle lovers dreamboat (literaly, they are works of tattooesque art forms), they not only take pride in barrel ageing their Pilsner, rye and roasted barely... but take deeply considered thought into producing the whackiest and wildest flavours imagineable.

Let me give you an instance...

Mindblown doesn't cover it. They are an incredibly unique brand with a vision that cannot be compared to any existing beverage company - neither of the sweet or alcoholic persuasion. It's timr to harness the power of curation and creative thinking in the kitchen, don't you agree?


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