Dopamine Fix with Gucci

Once upon a time, before devoting my full time and attention to the rhythms and tides of music and fashion, my aspirations were of a more scientific persuasion. Enrolled on a bachelors course in Psychology and Clinical Neuroscience, I was intending to become a neuropsychologist specialising in trauma and eating disorders. Alas, things happen, paths change, and here we are.

But that doesn't mean I can't tell you a thing or two about the human brain. More specifically in this instance: The chemicals that make you you.

Arguably, dopamine is the governor of your mind. The "happy" drug, if you will, this powerhouse is the fuel behind motivation to accomplish a positive end result, the rush you get after an epic workout, the bubbly butterfly happiness upon receiving good news... it's basically what brings that gorgeous smile to your face.

And in the fashion scene, dopamine is now becoming... well... fashionable.

Neutrals and a line cuts, bland tones and hues of the grey spectrum can take a seat this spring / summer (and possibly further into the future), as bold prints, kaleidoscopic colours and comfy cuts become more present in collections. Why the shift? I think after a year of total bleakness and locked down lifestyles, we need something to boost us. Something fun. Something whacky and quirky that spells out sunshine when there is seemingly none to be found.

Dopamine Dressing, is the exact coin of phrase. And no one is doing it better than Gucci in their latest collaboration with Ken Scott.

A flurry of multicoloured delights are abundant in this collection, from matching striped linen tunics and pantaloons, to the iconic Dionysus bag having a very bright makeover indeed. Faux fur trimmed coats with siren red polka dots, coupled with woollen blend floral skirts merge into one to produce an exciting visual spectacle that is wearable, not just "lookable".

Inspired by the collection, I decided to curate my own illustrations feeding off the elixir like dopamine we all crave - more so now than ever before. Have a little peak below...

As for the products themselves, have a peruse, have a stroll... have a gander and buy it all: available at net a porter - the hot spot to shop for luxury fashion.


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