Eating Disorder Treatment is Failing

Eating disorder treatment facilities are failing their patients. In every respect of the word. And in more ways that you, an outsider, may be consciously aware of.

Inpatient systems are rigid beyond belief. Routined. Abusive. Debilitating. Criminalising and strip the individual of their freedom and basic human rights at times. These are things they don’t want you to know, but I am here to pull back the veil.

My first inpatient stay was during a period of anorexia aged 13. This was on an adolescent ward, where I experienced and witnessed a lack of care and understanding… but in no way does it compare to that of an adult eating disorders unit, which I didn’t walk into until an entire 10 years later. I do not suffer from an eating disorder today, I have gastroparesis. And yet, I was thrown into the wrong institution, against my will, wrongfully diagnosed and now suffer C-PTSD, anxiety and worsened gastric conditions than pre-admission.

This infographic is short, but will be the starting domino to a trailblazer of activism, campaigns, awareness building and communication with mental health professionals, governmental systems and those presently working and/or becoming educated in the profession of medical and mental health.

Enough is enough.

It’s time to change.

Love, Bucci



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