Education Prevention Reduction: My Approach to The Rape Crisis


In my latest infographic set, I have put together 8 slides educating YOU, yes YOU, on sexual abuse. It’s prevalence. Where it’s happening. How it’s happening. And what you can do to help.

I know I’m only just starting out this whole activism thing, but I’ve created a concept called EPR: Education > Prevention > Reduction

I believe that if we make sex education in secondary schools obligatory for all students, and reform the curriculum to include sexual abuse education/awareness, then there will be a sense of early intervention for anyone that could potential grow up to engage in such behaviours. And in turn? Result in a reduction of rape and sexual abuse rates.

This could easily be implemented. All we need is the board of education in the UK, Boris Johnson and other EU and eventually world leaders to put their heads together, create a simple education outline for sex ed and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Please like and share my infographics, and follow me on social media so we can actually make an impact and create change.

Let’s work together and become one big snowball and make an avalanche.

We need change.


Love Darcy Bucci xxx

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