favourite eats of the week

Instead of delicious discoveries, this week, I'm trying out something new. From the bucci chef herself. I'm giving you sneak peaks into what I feel to be the highlights if you will, of what culinary creations my palate has had the fortune of tasting. From sweetly luscious laps of sugar coated candies and confectionaries; to slurping twirls of freshly made pasta... the week, gastroparesis or not, was a delicious one. And I'm here with images, colour schemed banners and creative charm to introduce you to the trophy worthy morsels set and intended to nourish body, mind and soul 🌟 

Ah the humble nectarine. I know it's not exactly a recipe or something 'new' for you to try, unless you HAVE never had a nectarine!? But it is possibly one of my most favoured fruits during the summer season. They are aromatic and succulent, bursting with juice and actually highly versatile. Enjoy lusciously as they are straight from a punnet, or get experimental in the kitchen and grill them, served with honey and marscapone with chopped toasted walnuts and a stem ginger ball in syrup for an instant summer pudding all will lust after and applaud you over too.

Another fruit that is oh so British and oh so boldly tart: the raspberry. I'm very hit and miss with raspberries, oftentimes they can be a little too sour for my liking, but when they're just right, you're met with a candied berry taste that the often overhyped strawberry cannot compare to. A very soft fruit by nature, when paired with a corncake - not a rice cake - a CORN CAKE - the earthy subtly nutty vibes of the corn created an almost instant granola bar situation - except for the fact that you know exactly what's in it! VERY LITTLE meaning VERY GOOD FOR YOU! Work some sweet magic with a generous drizzle of honey of your choice: for raspberries however, I'd say a lighter variety is a better option so as to not detract and overpower the natural sweetness of the berry itself.

My favourite concoction at the moment in regards to oatmeal curating is a doozy. You will need: a ripe banana, raw or pre-toasted oats, lavender heather honey (buy here), milk, milled flax and linseed, fresh and / or frozen blueberries, Lindt Excellence Sea Salt Chocolate and pumpkin seeds. Pre make the oats over night by simply combining the milk, honey and oats. Add the toppings the next morning - or whenever you fancy a bowl - so they're not super mushy and to maintain complementary culinary contrast. What you have is a bowl of wholesome goodness, serving you a honey bee lovers floral salted caramel delight, and all with an abundance of minerals and vitamins that will keep you strong and fuelled for the entire week.

Coconut and salmon I hear you cry: yes, coconut and salmon. A nice 'wet' smoked salmon will be needed for this simple open sandwich to contrast against the natural dry texture of the toasted coconut, and to marry lovingly against the softness of the salted avocado. Find yourself a nice and trust medium brown rye bread - though dark or even pumpernickel bread would be sublime also. In a separate bowl, start whipping up some ricotta simply to get the air into it and create a foamier, less yogurt like consistency. Spread. Add unsweetened desiccated coconut flakes, layer on a smashed avocado with a pinch of sea salt and option lime; tuck it all in with a blanket of gorgeous salmon and add watercress or pea shoots as a garnish. Light, refreshing, summery - simple.

The yellower the butter, the better. Put a buttercup under my chin and it will definitely go yellow. I love butter. So much. Possibly too much. Actually no, there's no such thing. Butter is wonderful. God bless butter. For these scrambled eggs, I went for the sloppy vibe. I don't like crisp eggs ordinarily... it's a texture thing. Though in the moment, a good crispy fried egg is where it's at. Anyway, we're going off on a tangent. Combining white sourdough for a subtly 'fermented' flavour against rich, buttery, oh so opulent eggs, the mushroom toned, near garlic nut hue of a camembert, and the more acidic contrast of cottage cheese, dusted with spring onions for a zing... delicious. Add a drizzle of olive oil, crushed garlic and parsley to the base of the sourdough bread before the eggs for an even more luxurious kick.

Parpadelle pasta is a flat, very wide pasta, and is perfect for oozing sauces and lapping up the textural moorishness of a creamy coating. With that said, I do like to keep it simple. For this dish, you'll need double cream and walnut oil combined in a pan with cracked black pepper, fresh lemon juice and a pinch of salt; crush in some fresh garlic cloves, gently simmer din a pan and combine with softly boiled parpadelle for a literal hug from an Italian grandmother on the coast of Sicily. Top with a poached egg and cut into that sucker to let a richly amber yolk ooze out, completing the flavours like a bow on a present.

Okay so this is a fantastic cheat recipe, but you will love me for it, so you're welcome. It LOOKS baked, right? Wrong. Get yourself a combination of any shortbread biscuit and crush them to oblivion in a mixing bowl with some melted coconut oil, a splash of orange blossom water and two tablespoons of coconut sugar. Press into a tart dish, and pop in the fridge to reset. Now for the filling. In a bowl... combine full fat, thick set greek yogurt AND marscapone into a bowl (enough to fill the case and tart tray). Add a pinch to a tsp of sea salt, and a combination of coconut jam (buy here) and sweetener of choice (ideally something that isn't super liquid in its consistency so that the tart maintains form). Mix mix mix until fully combined. Now add 4 tbsp pure cocoa powder (the more cocoa powder you add, the richer it will be). Mix mix mix again, transfer to tray, pop into freezer or fridge to set and remove 15 minutes before wanting a slice. You. Will. Die. It's so good. Again: you're welcoooooome 💁🏻‍♀️

Focus on implementing more raw and organic ingredients into your diet. Aim to make your meals from ingredients, not additions. So, don’t say ‘oh no I can’t possibly have full fat butter because that’s soooo fattening and high calorie” - honey f*ck it. Butter is an ingredient. So go for it. Steer clear of fake meats, and fake foods where you literally have about 60 ingredients in it… vegan or not. Give your body simplicity, and it will pay you kindly in return

Go heavy on the summer fruits! Tis the season after all, so make the most of it. Our go to’s at L A I T M Y L K are fresh white donut peaches, yellow skin nectarines, lychees, frozen blueberries and grapes; ripest of the ripe bananas, the sweetest of the sweetest pineapple and of course… the honey mango (these are an Indian variety of mango, like little orange babies - they’re like nothing you will ever taste in your life. You can get them from places like Tooting market, if you are London based and know the South West region.

Eggs eggs eggs eggs, my lil chickens! The most versatile ingredient of all, unadulterated and, yeah weirdly enough: straight from a bird’s butt - but let’s not get into it. Because when fresh, cracked into a pan of golden Cornish butter, sprinkled with sea salt, crushed with fresh black garlic, spring onion and flopped onto a good slice of bread or toast… nothing beats it. Wholesome, rich in protein, ketogenic, energy boosting, rich in vitamins and minerals your body craves… perfection.

Experiment with cheeses. Whether you are a mild and light lover from whipped ricotta lightly infused with the likes of lemon to create an unusual tang, or prefer more robust and rich fromage like camembert and gruyere, cheese is yet another incredibly simple INGREDIENT that will instantly add flavour to any dish. Whilst some may question the validity of its ‘health’ profile, in the words of Anthony Hopkins: “Life is short: so eat the delicious food”. I will Anthony, I will.

Try no bake desserts and steer off copious crappy sugars by making your own sumptuously sweet delights. It’s amazing what natural things can do. Just like mixing a banana, the SIMPLE BANANA, with a SPRINKLE of sea salt, a dollop of crunchy peanut butter, raw dark chocolate chips, a drizzle of honey, a big spoon of coconut yogurt, moosh it all about… and voila: you have the sexiest instant pudding pot you will ever spoon into your mouth. Add oats or roasted nuts for a good old crunch!