Florals for summer?... Groundbreaking

Miranda Priestly how I love thee. With your eternalised sass and bad b*tch attitude that can make a room gird their loins by the mere mention of cerulean gowns and the absence of your morning Starbucks, you are quite plainly the woman we all aspire to be. One quote that I believe sticks like honey on fingertips however is the infamous prompt to self hibernate for the receiving end...

"Florals, for Spring? Groundbreaking."

Now, I feel we have somewhat surpassed the hurdle of Spring, so let's look unto the lustrous late nights of summer, where the outdoor air remains balmy and trickling with carefree laughter, comely new memories and the aroma of bonfire in the air.

THIS is where florals belong.

Taking a twist on the famous phrase, LAITMYLK teams with Net A Porter to highlight an edit of the most stunning floral inspired garments and accessories for you to adorn this season.

Hurry - it'll be winter before you know it.


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