Flower Power with Flowerbx

Why do we love flowers? Why do we romantically pluck petals from their canary core poetically reciting "loves me love me not"? Why do we toss bouquets behind us whilst newly wed and riding into the sunset? Why do we tie daisy chains and wear them as crowns on our head, or make wishes with forget me nots; send dozens or regal rouge blushed roses with amorous intentions and drape gravestones with varying breeds of peduncles and petals in memory of those lost?

Never thought of it much, have you. Because flowers just ARE. They are THERE. Always have been and always will be.

Flowers each come with their own connotations, symbols, meanings and seasons. And of course: personal preference. My top three favourite flowers are peonies, snapdragons, and the humble rose. But only those BIG roses, you know? The ones that look like they've been bulking up at the gym with a protein shake and a pack of steroids. Allow me to give you an inkling of what I mean with this wonderful man in gif form:

Neuroscientifically speaking for a moment, it may seem pretty obvious that the colours of flowers can make you feel happier. This reaction is called chromotherapy, whereby colours balance our energies. Whether that’s physical, emotional, spiritual or mental.

Flowers also trigger dopamine in the brain, also known as the happy chemical, which perfectly explains why people love having flowers in their home or garden, and why we love to receive them.

With Spring finally in our midst, LAITMYLK looks to Flowerbx for inspiration and consistent beauty. Flowerbx is totally unique and will remain a LAITMYLK favourite supplier of flowers thanks to their eclectic range of florals, their ease and guidance for finding JUST the right arrangement, details on how to care for your flowers, and their speedy delivery. Shop by vase style, colour, season, celebration... you name it, they do it.

Here are LAITMYLK's current favourite bunches and blooms from Flowerbx


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