four ways to relax in a modern world

In a world as cataclysmic as ours, from wars, to mental health issues; political blunders and equally blundering so called professionals that flock and swarm within every field of humanity... it's difficult to know how, or even when, to relax. We struggle to let go in thee evenings and attain a decent nights sleep. Our phones have become our third limb, and a lot of our happiness is determined by the numerical value of likes from a selfie or an aesthetic photo. Beauty is under speculation, magnifying glasses hone in on details we would otherwise ignore or be untroubled by, and our hearts feel heavy with the woes of the world that we seemingly cannot fix.

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't, and can't, try to focus on the simplest of things we are able to control and implement into our lives. Such as habits, rituals and regimes... surprisingly simple ones at that.

When you're deciding between getting a cup of hot coffee or a cold brew, you may base your decision on your mood or what the weather is like outside. While temperature is an obvious difference between the two, it isn't the only thing. According to experts, there are some surprising differences in the health benefits of going cold. The literal cold shock to the system wakes up the senses, invigorating cells to get into gear and do what they're biologically supposed to with greater potency and efficacy. Much like having a cold shower: you feel more refreshed and awakened than a slumber inducing steamy one. I recommend trying your luck with a sweetened cold brew coffee from your favourite coffee store chain to start with, then push the boat out and go a bit Bucci and order yourself a vanilla iced matcha latte from Pret A Manger. The benefits of cold brew? Look below, baby.

I cannot be the only one who, when they are sad, listens to sad music. It's a weird response humans seem to engage in, and it's not healthy. Try finding an acoustic playlist instead, such as the recommended by laitmylk below. Allow your thoughts and emotions to healthily sift through your system, rather than exacerbating what's already brewing on your mind.

Journaling is one of my favorite self-development tools. Start by writing down five things you love about yourself (i.e. I am kind), then write down five things that you are grateful for about your life (i.e. I am grateful for my friends), and then five good things that happened in the last 24 hours, no matter how small (i.e. I am grateful for my morning coffee). Finally, write down five things you are looking forward to.

Writing doesn't have to stop there. Harness your literary power and hone in on what you actually enjoy writing about. You could be a list person, in which case THIS BIG LIST IDEA will satisfy your listy needs... or maybe you're more a poetry person, perhaps lyrics for the more musically inclined. Writing takes you to a new dimension, engages both creative and logical powers of the brain, and gives you room to emotionally express yourself without the concept or worry of hurting another person with your woes or bad temper.

Our favourite journals to get you started can be found below:

When is the last time you took time to genuinely just play? Jumping on the trampoline, laughing during a game of truth or dare, running around in the park or your backyard, jumping in the pool with all your clothes on, bringing out your favourite board game- - the list of ideas goes on. What matters most is finding a playful outlet that brings a smile to your face.

We tend to refer to the word “play” with children. They have their playtime during school and at home, but adults need recreational time too. In fact, research backs up how powerful these activities can be for overall wellness.

Improving problem-solving skills, stimulating imagination, enjoying pure laugher, gaining trust with others, and building a connection with family and friends are also all major benefits of playing. You can see a theme here—the power of play is essential for self-care and soul-care. There’s no reason to live a life of all work and no play. Without play, you’re missing out on ways to lengthen and deepen your time on this beautiful earth.

It’s safe to say nearly everyone has experienced an overwhelming amount of stress over the past year. Guess what? Playing can help with that too. It’s pretty simple. Fun activities bring joy and happiness and lend an outlet to destress and reset your mental wellness. According to this study, those who engage in physical hobbies for at least 20 minutes once a week have more energy and are less likely to experience fatigue.


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