Get Jolly with Ganni

The schedule of fashion week is oftentimes the most confusing calendar dated event in the world. Whether it's African fashion week Paris fashion week New York Japan or Oceania in at least one profound city there is the events of fashion Mogul Strating striving and striving the stuff. This week however it was Copenhagen fashion week and in light of the Covid pandemic it was held entirely in digital format. Travel restrictions and this pandemic have forced fashion houses and creative minds are like to conceptualise new means of presenting the creative works to the general population... and even though technology does occasionally get a bad reputation it ultimately enhances a bronze is ability to connect with people across the globe with minimal expense and significantly less effort.

This season in particular there was one fashion house that took to the stage with a showcase of the autumn 21 range which was promoted further by the by the musical performances of New York based Zsela, Los angeles baby Deb Never, and Cope hagen native Coco O.

Ganni's creative director professes that the collection is all about love; our love for life and all the things we took for granted, but mostly music. Music after all is something we take for granted because we hear it so often and are so easily able to access it. It is a medium that ultimately influences the state of mind at both conscious and subconscious levels such as when you have background music playing whilst writing an article or intentionally playing a bass heavy song whilst grinding on the dancefloor.

A song can be such a strong reflection of time, a way of encapsulating a moment... and in these times of uncertainty and where everything feels so monotone, marrying two worlds like fashion and music is something ao simply, yet utterly effective to all of our emotional spectrums. Zsela, Deb Never and Coco O each performed at the GANNI collection, which you can see below in both photographic and personally illustrated formats...

As for the collection itself, Ganni took to adopt, nurture and spotlight of the Hygge way of life. From a cosy dreamscape of slouching denim (some of it with a metallic sheen), to boxy pinstriped tailoring, and a plentiful flurry of cosy knits, and those silky, floral dresses that Ganni has become renowned the world over for.

The performing artists may well have been the stars of the show, but I do believe focus should remain on Ganni. Not only for the new collection, but for the new envisagemwnt of pertaining the stars in question to adorn new clothing styles... so that the lookbook could fully enact and act as a pertinent reminder of the joys of seeing performers do their thing.

We are all performers in this life.

More so now than ever before.

So get you hygge on, and get "Jolly with GANNI"


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