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What makes a good jewellery designer? Historically speaking, the more lustrous the gleam and facets of a diamond, or a precious stone: the better. Take a time capsule back to the era of dune dusted pyramids and lapis lazuli pigment crushing in the world of ancient Egypt, and we will see an eclectic array of golden chokers, scarab featured amulets, hawks, eyes and more... each with intricate stories and mystical beliefs attached to their intricate details.

Move onwards to Britain during it's reign of glorious and outrageous royals, and pearls, rubies, emeralds dance and flicker like candles under moonlight. From tiaras to brooches, the heirlooms of queens and kings alike are unmatched in their spectacle of wonder. We all become magpies when something glimmers and scintillates, after all. It's in our nature to do so.

But what of more modern jewellery brands?... where do they stand in correspondence to the historical beauty of bulgari, cartier, chopard and so on?

Recently, a shift in jewellery design has emerged whereby people favour a more minimalist style. Delicate over chunky. Understated over pow-wow. Versatile and functional over heavy and burdenous. And a brand bringing this vision to life, whilst still maintaining the ability to spell curiosity and charm, is Rod Almayate.

ROD is a fashion, design and photography project created by Roberto Ferlito, a man who's twenty-plus years of experience in the cosmos of luxury fashion includes collaborations and curations for the likes of Roberto Cavalli, Alberta Ferretti, Zuhair Murad and Vivienne Westwood to name but a few.

In collaboration with the revolutionary Spanish photographer Diego Díaz Marín, they are painting a new backdrop to what it means to wear and share a trye aura of irreverence and creativity, whilst still embodying the unchallenged mastery that the words "Made in Italy" withhold.

The image and intention of the brand is the challenge and change. To cultivate the crazy and create the otherworldly. They cater to the curious and the outlandish, who still wish to maintain decorum and a delicate demeanour... a difficult blend to harness, for sure.

Their existing collections entail titles that are mind boggling, from a Body Lovers, to Pharmacy; Dripping Nose and Liquify... each shunning what the fashion industry tends to dictate as stereotypically beautiful; opting instead to root for originality, passion and freedom.

The brand is open-minded and free of censorship, without marketing restrictions or set rules, a world where the highest and ultimate priority is creation and art. The idea is to find all the beauties and not the canonical concept, looking for them and finding them in the most unexpected realms.

And if that isn't the answer in general to the worlds woes as we know it... then what, my dears, is?

Come and explore the pieces from the brand here, begin your ROD venture and convince yourself that you deserve and desire one of these curations. For these works go beyond mere investment... they dive headfirst into self discovery, self love and finesse.


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