Happy Birthday, Devil Wears Prada

A cult film is a videographic trophy that we all know by name and can nearly all recite the script of whilst sitting from the comfort of our settee, curled in our living room, slumped in an oversized T-shirt, adorned with a face mask, and a larger than life bowl of salted or sweet popcorn.

Though, realistically, if you're a true OG you will go for sweet and salty.

Moving on.

The Devil Wears Prada is exactly this form a film. Originating from a book published in the romantic month of February 2003, the pages became a film starring the unequivocal talents of Anne Hathaway Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt.

Together the trio brought to life the fictional fantasies of what the we all conceptualise the fashion industry to be: a bitchy, highly structured, tucked and sucked in, fashion faux pas, pursed lips and easily judged environment where a sense of style is the elixir of life and the cure to any venom… Although, it is can come across as much as a venom as it is a cure.

Whether our heroin Andy Sachs was being verbally bludgeoned for wearing a cerulean blue lumpy sweater, or contrastingly commended for a chic chanel infused boot look, the film morally taught us to follow our dreams, but to also remain true to who we really are.

"Everybody wants to be us," once spoke the wise Miranda Priestly... yes indeed. Everyone wants to be us, "us" meaning our unapologetic and utterly perfect versions of ourselves. And if that means having an onion bagel for breakfast, Nigel, then god damnit, I'll have an onion bagel.

To celebrate the 15th birthday of The Devil Wears Prada film, I've drawn up some illustrations to remind us of some of the most iconic looks from the wardrobe of the devilishly stylish mogul Miranda, the very blunt Emily played by Blunt, and the "sad little person" who turned out to not be so sad: Miss Andrea Sachs. Gird your loins, ladies and gents: it's time to bring to life the lookbook of Andy!

All illustrations by

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post which will continue our adventures into the Devil Wears Prada, with a complete lookbook of how to recreate your own Andy style from the illustrations above 🌟


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